North Carolina Basketball

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a long and distinguished tradition of quality NCAA men's basketball teams. North Carolina basketball is some of the most impressive in the country. The long tradition of success in college basketball includes five national titles (four NCAA and one Helms). North Carolina has seven retired jersey numbers, from Jack Cobb 1926, George Glamack 1941, Lennie Rosenbluth 1957, Phil Ford 1978, James Worthy 1983, the legendary Michael Jordan 1985, and Antawn Jamison 1999. In addition to this, North Carolina is regularly rated as one of the best teams in the country and always a threat to go all the way in the March Madness tourney.

North Carolina basketball won its first title, a “Helms title” in 1924 after going undefeated with a 26-0 record. During the 1920s there was no official national championship, so to take care of exceptional seasons retroactively, the Helms Athletic Foundation was founded in Los Angeles to award teams afterwards, and they awarded North Carolina basketball a national title for their 1924 season.

North Carolina won its first NCAA championship in 1957 under coach Frank McGuire. He left, and a legend replaced him. Dean Smith led North Carolina basketball for over thirty years, setting the NCAA record for coaching wins, a record that was only recently eclipsed by Bob Knight. During this time he won two national titles and made the team a perennial powerhouse. Following this tradition of great coaches, Roy Williams won the national championship in 2005, and has kept North Carolina a powerful force even as Duke struggles to keep up.

There is no more heated and bitter rivalry in college basketball than North Carolina basketball against Duke basketball. The in state rivals are both competitive colleges that are well respected, and both are very distinctly basketball schools, making this rivalry between the two even more heated, though North Carolina has definitely had the edge in recent meetings.